Third-Party Licence

NewEdo might share some aesthetic space with other games out there, but it has its own vibe, one that puts aspiration above angst.  That doesn’t suit everyone - hell, it wouldn’t have suited me a decade ago - but for those of you who NewEdo speaks to, we want you to build on this universe and expand that vibe.  For the creators out there inclined to lean into NewEdo’s unique space, this licence gives you the room to do so.  These mutually inclusive terms and conditions make up our third-party licence, so don’t just cherrypick the good stuff. 

Shit You Can and Should Do: 

  1. Use and/or refer to NewEdo’s systems and mechanics, and modify them as you see fit. 
  2. Use NewEdo’s place names, NPCs, critters and creatures, Factions, Paths, and other typically capitalized terms that make this world feel full.  
  3. Copy text from the NewEdo rulebook to make your life easier. 
  4. Make money on your NewEdo-based content.  Go nuts, fill your boots, and get paid.
  5. Refer back to NewEdo, stating your content’s compatibility with the core system.  There’s some graphics available on our website ( for that purpose, and if you want something more stylized to your particular project, just reach out - we love making new logos.  

Shit You Cannot Do: 

  1. Use or reproduce any art from any of our books, or that from any of our digital spaces.
  2. Use the NewEdo logo without the “Compatible With” attribution.
  3. State or imply that your content is official, distributed by or connected to Salty Games, or is endorsed in any way by Salty Games, without express permission by us.

Some Legal Crap You Need To Adhere To:

The following text must be included in your product, somewhere visible in the publication, on your content’s website, and on any pages where you digitally distribute or sell your product:

[Your product name] is an independent production by [You] and is not affiliated with Salty Games. It is published under the NewEdo Third-Party Licence.  NewEdo is ©2022 Russ Rowlands and Salty Games.


NewEdo, as you’ve probably noticed by now, is fairly nice. Being nice, we won't be associated with any shitty content.  You are not permitted to do any of items 1-5 above if your content includes the following topics: rape, racism, sexism, homophobia, gender-based phobias, or violence/assault against minors. Get the fuck out’a here with that shit.