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77 Stories in NewEdo Digital Edition

77 Stories in NewEdo Digital Edition

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System Agnostic Storyteller Tools for Neon City Campaigns

This diverse collection of plot hooks and setting details will engage your players with challenges outside the trope-y neon city norm. There's enough content out there with oppressive governments and evil corporations, so instead we created this book to add a little spice to your urban campaigns. These stories intermingle politics, magic, technology, intrigue, heists, personal development, and ridiculous shenanigans - and, notably, very few of them default to murder as the solution.

What's in the PDF?

This isn't a d100 list of one-liner plot hooks or throwaway NPCs. These are fleshed-out ideas that connect to the game world and to each other in a way that makes it easy to drag and drop concepts from various chapters (and from the core NewEdo book) to create stories that are more than just a punch line or simple hook. Paragraph-length (or longer) entries describe plots, places, people, and items that have depth and colour, and which buck the kind of stereotypes you've come to expect from the "-punk" genre. 

Here's what you're in for: 

  • 77 paragraph+ story hooks identified by one or more of the following tags: Combat, Espionage, Goofin' Around, Intrigue, and Mystcism. These hooks tie in locations and personas from the rest of this book and from the wider NewEdo universe, but can easily be dropped into any urban campaign. 
  • 30 detailed locations that range from an ancient bath house to a sake brewery to a vehicle research facility to a deadly food processing plant. 
  • 20 colourful NPCs (and one monster) who will bring your world to life. These NPCs are chefs and gangsters and journalists and fixers, each with a clear personality and connection to the world. Many have full stat blocks (in the NewEdo system) and include tags that will help you translate them to your system. 
  • 11 unique items to reward (or threaten) your players with. These aren't just pieces of equipment - they're legendary (or cursed) items with backstories and unique abilities that engender game ideas all on their own. 

The 77 Stories is illustrated in custom-commissioned full-colour art. The NewEdo universe is vibrant, magical, cybernetic, and traditional - all at the same time - and this book reflects that incredible diversity. 


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