Lore Bite: Yagyu the Ronin

Lore Bite: Yagyu the Ronin

Division 1 Report, File 1002169453288.11.67

The creature now known as Yagyu the Ronin is a heavily augmented Hisanaka built on the biological platform of a massive Oni. Yagyu appeared in The Crossing earlier this year and caused a violent incident that resulted in four members of the Blue Nights Syndicate being hospitalized with grievous injuries. NEOSAMA was eventually deployed to the scene but Yagyu escaped before being apprehended, and has since appeared in and around The Crossing a half dozen more times. There are a number of mysteries surrounding the creature, including where it got the name ‘Yagyu’ and which wetware shop or augsmith is responsible for its impressive array of cybernetics. As its appearances continue, it has become evident that Yagyu is motivated by vigilantism as its targets (victims) have generally had criminal records. However noble its motivations are, Yagyu the Ronin remains high on NEOSAMA’s Most Wanted list, particularly after two officers were injured during the latest incident. 

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<Confidential Record: Class Two>

It is believed that Yagyu the Ronin is the same person as Toyo Sabara, a male Oni who disappeared during a raid on the Hondo Estate in Kitoshi approximately two years ago. Sabara, aged 83 at the time of his disappearance, had served the Hondo Clan through three generations, first as weapon master and later as personal bodyguard to the Clan scion, Hiatan Hondo. Hiatan (aged six) was kidnapped during the raid, in which two heavily armed mercenaries infiltrated the Hondo compound and killed at least nine samurai and guards. One of the mercenaries appears to have been killed in close proximity to a grenade, and given the location (Hiatan’s bedroom) and the volume of blood on the scene, it is logical to conclude that Sabara was also caught in the blast. Police were slow to respond to the raid due to radiocommunication difficulties in the Metro system that evening, and by the time they arrived the surviving mercenary had escaped with the Hondo scion and Sabara’s body was missing. No identifying information was found on the remains of the deceased mercenary, and there has been no reported communication between the kidnapper(s) and the Hondo Clan in the intervening years. The case has been moved to the Unconcluded and Outstanding Crimes group.

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