The Fate Card

Every being has a Fate. Most are mundane, but a rare few are Legendary.

The Fate Card is a wholly unique game mechanic that ties together how your character is built (their traits, skills, and abilities, etc.) and their decisions in game. Characters make their own Fate, and must live with those choices.

The Fate Card is part of your character sheet, and starts out relatively blank, like this. Before you roll your Trait + Skill for a contested action, you roll a d100 (or two d10s) and compare the result to your Fate Card. Fates, like a Critical Success or Botch, may affect how you take your Turn.

As you create your character, various features - your Lineage, your Path, your skills, magic, augmentations, etc. - grant you lines to add to your Fate Card. When you start playing on day one, your Fate may look something like this example. Rolling these Fates during play may have tactical effects on your Turn - like additional move distance - or even permanently impact your character - like granting free Background points.

As you continue to develop your character, you'll add new Fate lines to your Fate Card.

Even more fun, though, is that the storyteller is encouraged to create unique Fates for the characters at the table. Fates can be handed out during play, reflecting awesome choices made, decisions that should leave a mark on your Fate.

In this way, the Fate Card becomes more than just a list of freebies from your abilities; it is a unique record of your character and your story as you play it out.

No two Fate Cards are the same, just like no two stories are the same.

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