NewEdo is a 308 page tabletop roleplaying game designed for players who love the character customization process, set in a neon-urban near future world.

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NewEdo is a city of 50 million, perched on the cusp of change in the middle of the 21st century. In this world, belief defines reality, setting the stage for magic, myths, and monsters to exist side by side with technology and the future.

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Using a flexible Trait + Skill system, NewEdo encourages player creativity. Big dice pools will satisfy the greediest dice goblin, while conflict resolution requires no lookup tables or reference charts. NewEdo isn't that other neon-urban science fantasy game, don't worry.

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the Fate Card

Game mechanics like the Legend system and the Fate Card not only encourage, but actually reward, creative gameplay. The Fate Card procs or triggers a combination of effects that are unique to your character.

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Character Creation

We love building unique characters, so we made a game that encourages customization without creating a hassle for the storyteller.

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Players may choose between ten playable Lineages during character creation. Some Lineages may be familiar to players who enjoy Japanese lore, but they also include the robotic Hisanaka option.

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Factions & Paths

NewEdo uses a classless character development system. Each PC chooses a Path - a loose role in the game - and those Paths are usually part of a Faction. Factions give context to characters' motivations in the city.

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Say what you want about rolling lots of dice, this is a nice book.