Welcome to NewEdo

NewEdo is a tabletop roleplaying game designed for players who love the character creation and development process. The game is played with a Target Number and Skills dice pool, rolled on polyhedral dice (d4, d6, d8, d10 and d12), while combat and contest rules have been kept as simple as possible. Thematically, NewEdo is a combination of samurai legend and science fiction, where bushido does battle with cybernetically modified soldiers in the streets of NewEdo. Each side seeks to hold the faith and respect of the population, to define the soul of the nation. It’s a battle for the heart of the Empire, and the traditions of a thousand years will clash with the rapidly evolving ideas of a changing world.

Multiple playable races (called your Lineage) and a fluid role system that doesn’t constrain character options make for an infinitely iterative character creation process. Players are encouraged to build a Legend around their characters and are rewarded for actions and decisions that bolster that Legend, regardless of that Legend’s morality. NewEdo also uses a unique gameplay system called the Fate Card. A character’s Fate Card starts out almost blank, but as the game is played, the FC fills up with potential outcomes influenced by past decisions. You can’t avoid your Fate, but you can certainly affect the shape it takes.

Character abilities derived from their Skills, Path, magic, and technology, create synergies depending on the choices the players at your table make. Everyone can create a unique badass, out for glory and gold, but there are ways to leverage the systems so your group’s characters are stronger as a unit or team than they would be just as a collection of individuals. This collective underlying ruleset is intended to foster stronger table dynamics. Of course, it may just add drama…

Ultimately, NewEdo isn’t a simple game, though it has been designed for ease of play.

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