NewEdo takes place in a fictional reality where the line between the mundane and the supernatural is blurred. NewEdo is the capital city of the Empire, an island nation with a long history of sovereignty and protectionism. Set in the middle of the 21st century, the day-to-day realities of NewEdo are very similar to our own; governments squabble, gangsters and executives accumulate wealth, convenience increasingly impugns personal privacy, and people continue to eat, screw, and destroy the environment. On the other hand, mythical creatures roam the streets and magic is alive.

In this game world, belief affects reality. Ideas, concepts, myths, and superstitions that live long enough in the population’s collective psyche tend to become true, real. Even if condo developers wanted to pave over every old teahouse in the city, the conviction of the population – that the past is important, is something to respect and even revere – would make it literally impossible to do so. A wrecking ball might ruin an old teahouse to make way for a glass tower, but if that teahouse was important enough to the neighbourhood, chances are good that it would be there again in the morning. Belief – conviction – defines reality.

This uneasy coexistence between the past and future is a major theme of the game. Traditional samurai continue to walk the streets in kimonos, carrying their daisho, disgusted with the lack of honour and respect in modern life. Others have become strong proponents of change and want to see the Empire embrace the progressive advancements of the 21st century; they believe that technology isn’t the enemy and can help solve the world’s problems. Most of the population have mixed feelings about all of this, but you’re not here to play a salaryman going to work in an accounting office for next-to-minimum wage. You’re here to make a name for yourself.

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