Every being in NewEdo has a Lineage, a physical form. Lineages have both physical and cultural influences on a character, though the cultural ones may be amended during character creation.


Cat-like both physically and in personality, the Bakeneko are known for their grace as well as their capriciousness. Similar in size to Humans, Bakeneko have a coat of fur that ranges from almost invisible to as thick as a lion’s mane and may vary in colour from white to gold to black.


Humans remain the most populous “civilized” advanced species in the world, meaning they mostly live in towers and go to work in shoes. The diversity of the Human form in NewEdo is expansive, and their ability to adapt to new physical, social, and emotional situations has kept them at the top of the food chain for millennia.


Kappa are semi-aquatic yokai with characteristics reminiscent of frogs or turtles; they may have beaked noses, green or scaly skin, and/or gently clawed hands, and tend to be smaller than the average Human. Kappa are typically keen thinkers and prefer caution over brash action.


Karasu are stern, austere yokai with avian features that may include feathers, a sharp beak, clawed hands and even wing-shaped arms. Hierarchical and proud, Karasu lean towards structured roles in society, becoming monks and mercenaries with equal aplomb.


Rare even among yokai, Kitsune resemble foxes, with pointed ears and snouts, at least one tail, and a dusting of red or white fur. Kitsune are as famous for their aloof personalities as they are for their ethereal beauty, traits which often induce outright awe in the average Human.


More closely related to demons than their mortal kin, Oni are massive yokai that tend to have monstrous traits, including horns, manes, barbed tails, scaled skin, and even extra limbs. Despite their frightening appearance, Oni are usually reserved and collected as individuals and are known for their stoicism.


Long-limbed and unpredictable, the monkey-like Saru are an uncommon Lineage in the concrete depths of NewEdo. Saru are often viewed as erratic geniuses or idiot savants, depending on the individual, and while any given member of this Lineage may be as simple as a rock, all Saru have a special relationship with physical space that borders on the mystical.


Wholly unique to the Empire, Tanuki are a jovial Lineage whose physical characteristics blend the appearance of dogs and raccoons. Their pointed snouts and sharp teeth are usually offset by friendly, fur-masked eyes and a wide smile… sometimes joined by a wide waist. Shorter than most Humans, Tanuki range greatly in their weight and can be as lithe as dancers or as heavy as wrestlers.


The rabbit-like Usagi are a younger yokai Lineage in the Empire, having only awakened in the past 200 years. Generally known for their patience and empathy, Usagi also have a strong sense of righteous determination and can be stubborn bordering on obstinate.


Hisanaka are unnatural – they were born with the biological form of another Lineage but have transformed themselves into androids over the course of time, with more mechanical parts than biological ones. Hisanaka are the only Lineage that has a Priority cost at character creation.

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