Salty Games is based in Niagara, Canada. Our books are printed in Canada, stored locally, and shipped by hand (usually by me, Salty). That means that you're getting a quality controlled product with finishing touches lovingly applied by the product creator. That also means that I've gotta get you your book from here in Canada.

International shipping has gone a little nuts. Even getting a book across the border into the US is expensive. Our shipping rates reflect the realities of international shipping combined with the hand-packed nature of our products. We don't make money on shipping. Not every book shipped costs exactly what we charge - some cost us more, some cost us less - but after shipping 600+ units, these are the rates at which I know we're not losing money. I wish they were lower, because I realize that they're a barrier, particularly for international purchasers. Sorry :/

But How Long Will it Take?!

Based on our admittedly small-town location, I tend to bring orders to my logistics provider once per week. That means that it might be almost a week before your package goes in the mail, depending on when you order. Drop offs are usually made on Tuesdays or Fridays.

Domestic (Canadian) shipping usually takes 3-5 days. Shipping to the US can take as little as 3 days (if a USPS Priority rate is available) or as much as 10. European shipping takes between 3 and 5 weeks. Shipping to Australia is often 6 weeks or more.

What About Print on Demand?

We're in the process of engaging a layout artist to convert the book for PoD, which will make local production and shipping an option in the US and Europe. Stay tuned!