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Salty Games uses mechanics to encourage roleplaying.  Our games are designed to subtly point players toward immersion and creativity, rewarding them for playing without just keeping score. 

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NewEdo is a full length tabletop roleplaying game set in a near future neon samurai world. With a medium-crunch system that focuses on character customization and flexibility, NewEdo is a great game for players who love to build the perfect PC.

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Kitchen Table Robot Games

KTRG is a simple rule system for battling your toys, wargaming models, kitbashed creations, and stuffed animals at home. It is an easy introduction to the world of tabletop gaming, intended to bring family and friends together in 30 to 90 minute games.

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  • "The major difference I find from the typical cyberpunk ttrpgs and NewEdo is that you're not there to "save yourself" which is the general theme of Cyberpunk 2020/ Red/2077, etc. It's a cultured society with strong feels for both the future and the past. It's a near-future of hope, though layered in intrigue and spiritual undertones."

    Scott P

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  • “KTRG is lots of fun. 
    We use blocks and toys to play out skirmishes between dinosaurs, He-man, and the Lego faction.  The rules are easy to pick up and the kids enjoy playing – but there's enough meat on the bone that I find myself wanting to play more after they go to bed.

    I'm really looking forward to the expanded game when it gets released."

    Kris W

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  • "I have never backed a kickstarter that was run this well. On top of the speed, you have been engaged and active and seem like you are doing a project that you love. The layout is very well done, the art is gorgeous, the writing is great, and the speech bubbles are a fun addition. For me, this has been an outstanding success and I am blown away. My only issue is I wish I had ordered this book in hardcover because it deserves a nice looking physical copy that I can show off."


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Dave Thaumavore Reviews NewEdo!