Just Enough Crunch

NewEdo is what you'd call a traditional RPG, with conflict resolution determined by a dice pool rolled against a difficulty target number. Creativity is highly encouraged, and even rewarded, and the system is flexible enough to allow the storyteller to never say "no." Exploding d10s, highly complementary party dynamics, and a utility-based abilties library mean that characters always have a chance.

And often, Fate will play an active role in your game...

  • Rewarding Fistfuls of Dice

    Resolution begins with a handful of dice, added up from a character's applicable Trait + Skill. NewEdo uses d4, d6, d8, d10, and d12 math rocks, giving characters iterative strengths and weaknesses in their various abilities.

    On top of a character's natural talents, everyone has a chance to learn and use magic and cybernetic augmentations - or even to combine them! Technology and mysticism coexist in NewEdo.

  • Ease of Play

    While NewEdo is decidedly "medium crunch", most of that complexity is based in the character creation process. During play, you won't need to reference complicated charts or tables, and success is a straightforward outcome. The game clips along at a fun pace, and doesn't get bogged down in mini-games, complicated resolutions, or any sort of damn cross-referencing.

  • Variable Resolution Options

    NewEdo's social gameplay is as developed as its combat systems. PCs aren't railroaded into solving all their problems with their swords - though they can of course try.

    Espionage, Intrigue, and Combat can be layered into your stories, providing gratifying vectors by which your characters can advance the plot.

Most importantly, NewEdo's systems actually reward roleplaying and creative resolutions. Every character weaves a unique Fate through the universe...