Battle Maps for NewEdo

We've partnered with Nebula Maps to source a variety of tactical maps that suit the NewEdo vibe. Every NewEdo purchase (PDF or physical) includes these maps in JPG and MP4 formats, in versions with and without grids. These maps are free for your personal use and, if you like them, or even want new varieties of each map, please go support Nebula here.

  • Downtown District

    Size: 27 x 48

    Subject: a nighttime street scene in a dense urban area with variable elevation and good cover positions.

  • Cyber Base

    Size: 27 x 48

    Subject: a futuristic lab or research facility with tricky vectors of fire down long hallways.

  • Hydroelectric Dam

    Size: 27 x 48

    Subject: an infrastructure project with long, clear lines of sight but fatal drops near the edges.

  • Medical Ward

    Size: 18 x 32

    Subject: a medical facility that would be great for implanting augs or mind control devices.

  • The Compound

    Size: 27 x 48

    Subject: a tight-packed warren of rooms, rife with treachery and cozy corners to hide in.

  • Coming Soon!

    We'll be adding more maps to the NewEdo inventory soon, including custom maps for our upcoming adventure module!

Salty Games is working to expand our support for digital gaming. In addition to this incredible partnership with Nebula Maps (which will be constantly growing), a unique Foundry toolset is nearing completion. We also have a variety of character sheet spreadsheets and other handy Storyteller and player aids available, which are all best accessed through our lively and positive Discord Server.