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Kitchen Table Robot Games Quickstart

Kitchen Table Robot Games Quickstart

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Kitchen Table Robot Games (let’s just call it KTRG) is a game designed to be played in person, with friends and family (ages 10+), with a bunch of toys and models, on the floor or a kitchen table. KTRG provides a set of simple rules for battling your toys in a few fun scenarios. The rules are easy to learn but challenging enough to keep everyone engaged. Each toy or model – typically called a mech or a frame in KTRG – is given a set of stats that measure how fast, tough, and resourceful that mech is. Between 2 and 6 players divide themselves up into teams and assemble their army of frames. These armies then clash on the kitchen table in a battlefield, or arena, built by you from items you already have laying around the house like books, pots, boxes, and the cat. Games tend to last from 30 to 90 minutes depending on how many players there are and how big your armies are. The winner(s) get bragging rights and the, uh, not-winners get to go find new toys to bring to the arena next time!


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