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NewEdo Softcover Edition

NewEdo Softcover Edition

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"This game slayed Shadowrun for me." - Stacie (best review ever) 

NewEdo is a neon samurai science fantasy TTRPG set in a near future world on the cusp of change.  In NewEdo, belief defines reality in a very literal way, filling the world with myths, monsters, and magic, which all exist alongside the city's neon bustle and flashy cybernetics.  While it shares some of the urban aesthetics of "-punk" games, NewEdo's theme is change rather than rebellion, and that aspirational vibe permeates the game world and the book.  

"Received my book and its GORGEOUS. In love." - Harley

"A beautiful piece of RPG printing." - Michael

"A very skillfully made combination of Legend of the Five Rings and Shadowrun, but managing to keep a very distinctive style, world, and mood. I can't wait to see what is in store for the future with this very promising property!" - Jordan


The Softcover Edition of NewEdo is printed on 60lb paper in black and white with a full colour, 130 lb cover.  This version has all the same content as the hardcover, just in a more economical and convenient format.

For more information on the game and world of NewEdo, go check out our thorough Outline here

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